service and repairstorage and shrink wrapparts and accessories

Service and Repair

We are a full service repair facility. Tune- ups, repowers, impact damage, sinkers. You break it, we fix it.

Winterize/Summerize Package $475


  • Oil & filter change
  • Remove outdrive, grease u-joints , change gear lube
  • Fog cylinders with oil
  • Remove drain plugs from engine & manifolds
  • Disconnect water intake hoses
  • Disconnect batteries
  • Add fuel stabilizers to gas tank
  • Remove bilge plug


  • Install drain plugs in engine & manifolds
  • Reconnect water intake hoses
  • Reconnect batteries & charge if needed
  • Start engine & run to burn off fogging oil
  • Check general condition

Current Special

All parts & labor are included in the package price of $475 per engine.

Price per engine is based on Gas inboards & sterndrives only.

(fresh water systems, head systems, A/C systems & generators are extra)